Many new pictures for 2017

I have updated and added many new pictures. Take a look!

New for 2017

I am just finalizing the editing on a number of new pictures. Watch for the new releases.

Lots of new Pictures

It has been a while since I have posted new photos so there are all kinds of new and interesting pictures to look at. Please pass along to your friends and hope you all enjoy some of me new work. It really wasn’t work it was all fun.

To get the best view of each picture be sure to go to an album click on a picture then scroll through them all.

The web address is

Getting close should be only a couple more days and there will be tons of new photos

2015 New Pictures coming soon

New Pictures

So you probably think I have only played golf all summer well take a look at my photo web site.  I have revamped the site with new galleries and many new photos.  Please enjoy and tell me what your favorite photo is.

Visit my web site  Be sure to click on VIEW ALL ALBUMS.



All new pictures coming soon!

I am in the process of updating many of my Photos.  Watch for the announcement.

The best photos ever – My first update

Antelope Canyon

I have been busy since Christmas with editing and adding photos to my web site. Many of the images from the first upload have also been updated. I still have alot more photos to edit and add but that will be down the road. I still have to get a few location details onto the photos but you will recognize many of the places.

Take a look at the new and updated photos.

Thanks and enjoy!


Here we Go!!

It is time to launch my photo web site. As a budding photographer you are never sure if it is time to expose your work to the world. It is somewhat daunting and exciting at the same time.

I will be posting many more photographs in the coming months as time permits me to get them ready.  This will not be every day but every couple of weeks.  I will then send out an email blast to my subscribers so don’t expect to get an overload of emails.  Please sign up in the “subscribe” box at the top-right side of the web page if you want to see my work or should I say my passion of the last couple of years.

The slide show page will give you a glimpse of my future additions.

Please enjoy and if you like them please let me know.



Coming soon

For the past two-three years I have been photographing all around the country.  In the spring I decided to have a web site built so all of you can see some of the great pictures I have taken. Trust me they are not all great but you get to see the best.

I expect that in the next few weeks I will have some of the photos up loaded.  After that it will take a while to get all the ones on the web.  I will add photos on a regular basis and let you know as I add them.


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