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Hank Wilkinson
In 2012 my daughter and I visited a number of National Parks in Wyoming, Utah and Arizona. I remember exploring the same parks with my dad in 1957. Upon coming back from the trip, I had over 6000 photos to go through--needless to say it was a big project. As I started reviewing the photos, I stumbled upon the pictures my father had taken in the fifties. To my surprise, quite a few of them where the exact same shots. Thinking back, this sparked my interest in photography. Through the seventies and eighties, I used a Minolta SLR film camera and had several different lenses. While I had fun with this camera, it took a backseat to my career and the raising of five children. Fast forward and along came the digital age. My interest perked up. I bought one of those big-boy Canon 6 MP SLR’s and was in heaven. I spent 6-7 years playing around with this camera. The real change came when I retired from a thirty year career in the financial industry and I had time to devote to photography. Frankly, I wanted to become a better photographer. Splitting my time between Minnesota summers and Arizona winters gives way to the perfect opportunity to find subjects to visit and shoot. I have upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark III and 7D Mark II with a variety of Canon and Tamron lenses. While I have been mostly interested in shooting landscapes and various objects, who knows what the future will bring. In 2015 we started to travel overseas and it brought on many new categories to shoot. It been fun to travel to these many beautiful places and at the same time spent time photographing such iconic places. If you are interested in any of my photos please contact me at: [email protected]  
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